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'Spirit Captures' by Nicole Coson, enchanted human likeness

artist on tumblr

Series “Spirit Captures” takes us on a ghost hunt in the company of artist Nicole Coson. Painted in their immediate essence, the spirits in question inevitably evoke a human likeness, as we discover details and flaws of forms captured through the ancient technique of monoprinting.

London-based Filipina Nicole Coson draws from her cultural heritage in this series, with references to mythological creatures called “encantadas”, enchanted entities not embodied in human flesh.

Like a shamanic rite, “Spirit Captures” attempts to reveal the transparent nature of appearance, the work “disregards its own formal appearance of representation of the oddly familiar, and invites the spectator into a realm of the super-real where the exterior form of the objects is equivalent to that of the internal of the subject”.

(via adenoviridae)